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Real Estate Websites, MLS & RETS Integration

The Digital Orchard formally specialized in the development and hosting of Vancouver Island real estate websites, particularly those that update automatically from MLS via a RETS (Real Estate Transaction Service) data feed. We developed a real estate application on top of our xAppOS Software Platform, called OpenHouse, that powered all of the websites for our real estate clients. As well, it integrated our RETS client application to keep listing data up-to-date on an hourly basis.


As of January 2016, all real estate website enquiries are being referred to Roar Solutions, Inc. — a reputable Canadian company that has specialized in the development of mortgage and real estate websites in Canada and the US for greater than 10 years. Learn about Roar Solutions' real estate offerings here. We encourage you to check out their excellent and very cost-effective solutions. After all, "Solution" is in their name!


Roar Solutions, Inc.