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Website Optimization

Websites can be optimized in several ways - speed, searchability, ease of use - and The Digital Orchard looks after all of these, both when developing a website and as part of the site's ongoing management and maintenance. Our Managed Hosting clients can be assured that their websites are as optimal as possible, all the time.

Speed - Fast Page Loading

Websites built using our xAppOS platform are delivered to browsers as quickly and efficiently as possible. Through several strategies that we've built into the platform, pages load quickly. This is very important to ensure that visitors to your website enjoy the experience and don't need to wait for the content to load.

Indexable - Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

All websites built using the xAppOS platform are designed to be fully indexable by search engines. Each page's address (URL) can be optimized with keywords, and page titles are written that match the content displayed on the page. This is basic stuff for any website, but many frameworks and developers overlook these simple steps or want to charge extra to implement them. With The Digital Orchard, you get this at no additional cost. It's built-in.

Our content management system even supports the generation of a valid sitemap.xml file so that search engines can quickly determine which pages from your website have changed most recently. This allows them to better and more quickly index the pages of your website.

User Friendly - Ease of Use

A website is only as good as the content, and the content is only good if visitors can find it. Through careful design of how a website's content is structured and organized, we ensure that the visitors' experience in navigating the website is simple and straightforward.