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Give Your Website a BOOST!

Do you have an existing website and you like its design, but you're not happy with its performance? Is it too slow? Is it not getting the attention from visitors that it should be? Well, look no further! The Digital Orchard SPECIALIZES in taking an existing website and upgrading it with our superior software. We provide the full top-to-bottom solution that your small business needs to perform well online.

For a single monthly fee, we provide you with the following services in one package:

And we do all of this work for you without you having to lift a finger. You can continue to focus on what matters most to you – running your business!

Beyond Your Website - Give Your Business a BOOST!

In today's digital age, small business owners can take advantage of several amazing technologies to enhance the productivity of their business operations with a minimal capital investment. The Digital Orchard has already invested heavily into building a software platform that helps small businesses improve their efficiency. We are able to quickly build fully-custom databases to meet the exact needs of your business, and we can continually upgrade your database as your needs evolve over time. We've been doing this for years and our software has proven the test of time.

Imagine having access to your business data at your fingertips in exactly the format that you need. No more fighting with third-party software solutions. No more making compromises to meet their limitations. A custom-built database designed to the exact needs of your business can make this a reality, and we can do this for you, today!

Contact us today for more information. We happily serve all Canadian small businesses and non-profit organizations.