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Web Applications

What are web applications? You're familiar with the term "app" on your smartphone or tablet computer. Web applications are the same type of thing, except built using web-specific technologies and delivered over the internet. Users interact with web applications using a common web browser.

Is "web application" not just a fancy name for a website?

Web applications and ordinary websites are similiar, but different. Web applications are specialized websites that allow you to do things, such as manage information and create content. Non-application websites are more for information consumption. You typically visit a website to read about a company, a new article or a blog post. Once you start interacting with that website and affecting what is displayed on the pages, it becomes closer to being a web application.

Web Applications created by The Digital Orchard

The Digital Orchard can create any web application that a client needs, but it all starts with a good design — just like developing any website. Generally, a qualified "interface designer" would create a design that satisfies the usability requirements for the web application, including designing easy access to all of the application's features and functionality.

Admin Applications

If your business needs a "back-end admin" type of database, then we're ready to rock'n'roll for you. The interface for this type of database is already built and used across all of our clients. Getting a new admin database up and running is just a matter of focusing on your business needs and feature set. The interface is provided automatically.

Membership and Volunteer Databases

If your organization wants an easy-to-use database to manage your membership or volunteers, we have a solution for you. And we will custom-design your database to the exact needs of your organization. 

Password Management

Need an effective and secure way to provide team or company access to passwords used throughout your business or organization? Ask about our Keychain application today. It's designed to solve that exact need, which is increasingly important in the password-defined world that we all now live in.