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Business Databases by The Digital Orchard

The Digital Orchard specializes in the development of sophisticated and reliable, yet extremely easy-to-use databases for small businesses and not-for-profit organizations. If your business or organization could benefit from a better way to manage your clients, suppliers, inventory and sales, then The Digital Orchard has a solution for you — and we build to your exact business needs. Unlike most competing solutions, we design and customize your database to work with your existing workflow.

Online and Accessible from Anywhere, Securely

Our business databases, built using our xAppOS software platform, are hosted applications and securely accessible using any modern browser. Each person that needs access to your database gets their own unique and private login credentials that are used to log into the database.

Snapshots and Industry-Standard Encryption

Databases organize stored data into tables or sets. Our unique and powerful platform allows individual table to maintain a separate copy of changes over time, called snapshots. Each time a record is about to change, a snapshot of the current record is saved. Peace of mind built-in.

Unique to our platform, entire database tables can be securely protected using industry-standard encryption. Entire rows in the table are fully encrypted, with only certain non-private fields of data extracted to non-encrypted fields for the purpose of fast searching of records.

Intelligent, On-demand and Automated Background Tasks

Our xAppOS platform gives your database the ability to do things automatically behind the scenes, while you work and while you sleep. This can be anything you need. Performing backups, Communicating with other software and systems. Doing housekeeping, such as purging old records that are no longer needed.

The ability for the software to execute operations in the background allows the entire system to remain responsive for you. You don't need to wait for an operation to complete before you can move on to your next task. Pretty much anything that is time-consuming can be moved to a background task.

Unparalleled Integration and Third-Party API Support

No other software platform is as flexible as ours when it comes to integration between individual applications and third-party services. The entire platform was built from the ground up to provide full support for inter-application communication, event processing, and integration with any third-party API (application programming interface). Several APIs are already supported and many more are under development. Dozens of online services provide their own APIs and our xAppOS platform enables your custom database to seamlessly integrate with those external services.