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Software Development at The Digital Orchard

The Digital Orchard specializes in web-based software, which is software developed using web technologies, such as HTML and server-side languages, such as PHP and SQL. Our work is divided into three key areas of focus:


Software Development Pyramid


The foundation of our software development is our unique and powerful xAppOS Software Platform. On top of this foundation, we build websites, web applications and databases.

Our approach to software development allows us to provide our clients with the best options and ensures that every aspect of their website, application or database is optimized, well-designed and adaptable to their changing needs over time. We're not using a third-party software framework that limits our creativity. Instead, we have full top-to-bottom control over the entire software stack and can change and optimize every line of code to meet our exacting standards. The end result is high-performance and unlimited flexibility.

Third-Party Libraries, Extensions and Services

While our xAppOS software platform as a whole may be seen as closed and proprietary, it is built from many open-source technologies. It resides on an untouched copy of the free and open CodeIgniter framework at the very lowest level. On top of that are our powerful applications framework and database abstraction layers. Nearly any type of third-party library, extension or service can be fully integrated using one of several methods. For example, xAppOS provides a complete API integration mechanism for building support for nearly any third-party API. We use this for such integrations as Google Maps, PayPal, and Xero integration. Third-party services, such as Postmark and Sendgrid are used for sending emails. There are no limitations. xAppOS brings it all together into one well-designed, well-oiled machine with a clean, simple interface that visitors and users can interact with.