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The CommunityCard Program
Customer Loyalty Program for Small Businesses

The CommunityCard program has been designed specifically for small businesses to help them more effectively compete in today's growing landscape of big-box and discount stores. It provides a universal customer loyalty program that is customizable and brandable by each participating business. Essentially, each partner business can configure the program to best suite their needs and offer unique incentives for their customers, and for consumers it's a universal "one card for all" incentive program. Customers can collect credits at one business and then redeem them at another business, even if those businesses offer different incentives.

Increased Purchasing Power for Small Businesses

Merchants need products to sell. Big box stores have the advantage of being able to buy larger quantities at cheaper prices and pass those savings on to their customers, but small businesses don't have that same access to the purchasing power. Participating in the CommunityCard program gives merchants access to a purchase consolidation tool. Multiple merchants in several communities can place orders for products of a certain type, and then one large bulk order is placed with suppliers at a discounted rate. The received product is then distributed across the merchants that placed the orders. This creates a more efficient distribution network in smaller regional areas and allows merchants to order more often and in smaller quantities. This results in a higher turn-over rate of fresh product on store shelves.

Coordinated Advertising and Marketing for Small Businesses

Another feature of the CommunityCard program is a coordinated advertising and marketing tool. Advertising can be expensive, and small businesses don't always have the finances to support ongoing advertising and marketing campaigns. Through the CommunityCard program, small business owners gain access to lower-cost advertising and marketing tools because bulk orders are arranged with advertising outlets, such as newspapers, magazines, and online websites. By combining advertising requests from several partner businesses, a more effective reach to consumers can be achieved.