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Small Investments, Big Returns!

The Digital Orchard is seeking micro-investments in order to move forward with several of our software projects and services. Rather than seeking a few large high-risk investments, we want to spread the love around. Invest $50 to $500 and be paid back with a healthy return after certain goals are reached.These micro-investments will be held in trust and will not be used directly by the company to cover operating expenses.Put your money to work for you! Think of it as...

VancouverEastVillage - Supporting Local Small Business

The Digital Orchard is proud to be working closely with VancouverEastVillage.ca, a showcase of small businesses in the East Village / Hastings Sunrise region of Vancouver. Together, we will help to foster growth of small businesses in this beautiful and unique community.VancouverEastVillage was founded with the goal of promoting the unique and diverse range of businesses for groceries, household supplies, entertainment and dining services, among others. Through the venues of an easy-to-browse website and social media blasts, VEV, as it...

     Showing 2 Blog Entries