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A Workaround for Safari's Aggressive Password AutoFill

Safari 7 is far too aggresive, virtually ignoring the autocomplete="off" directive added to form and input elements. Its predecessor had a preference that controlled this behavior. Why Apple decided to remove that preference and always AutoFill is beyond me, and became very frustrating when developing web applications that contained password fields. My personal login username and password for the site would override the value in these form fields. I'm okay with having to toggle AutoFill on and off as needed,...

Did You Know?

Some fun facts:Steve Jobs started Apple in 1976 with his buddy Steve Wozniak.Steve Jobs was ousted from Apple in 1985, and after a year on sabbatical, started a new company called NeXT.The World Wide Web (HTTP/WWW) was created on a NeXT computer.Apple purchased NeXT and their NeXTSTEP operating system in 1997, bringing Steve Jobs back to Apple.NeXTSTEP was eventually morphed into Mac OS X, the next generation of the Macintosh operating system.Prior to 1997, Apple had several active mobile projects,...

My "Upgrade" to Lion

Let me start by saying - upgrading to Lion doesn't really bring much else to the table that Snow Leopard offered, in my opinion. In a way, I'm surprised that it's getting such rave reviews. Snow Leopard from Leopard was a far more important upgrade. That said, I'm running Lion on an older MacBook Pro that doesn't feature a multi-touch trackpad, so I can't take full advantage of Lion's new input methods (3-finger swipes, etc.), which is probably its biggest...

     Showing 3 Blog Entries