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System Events Now in Full Deployment

Published Sep 13, 2013 14:51pm

Over the past week and a half, I've successfully upgraded the three servers that I'm managing which run xAppOS-based websites. Progressively, I've been updating each website to activate the new System Events architecture, and the roll-out has gone reasonably smoothly.

As with any new software feature or functionality, there's a certain number of bugs and coding challenges that can only be seen when running the code in a live (production) environment. Real-world testing is still a necessary evil. Here we are nearly two weeks later and I'm feeling really good about things. And because the Events system is essentially an in-between system between the crontab and the code to execute, it gives me a way to monitor the system in a single place; a birds-eye view, if you will. I can monitor which events are queued for processing, add events manually to trigger a self-propagating task, and delete events if I want them to not process, all through the Admin sites built into each website.

Overall, a successful new feature. Very happy about that.

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