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Did You Know?

Published Sep 10, 2011 15:07pm

Some fun facts:

  1. Steve Jobs started Apple in 1976 with his buddy Steve Wozniak.
  2. Steve Jobs was ousted from Apple in 1985, and after a year on sabbatical, started a new company called NeXT.
  3. The World Wide Web (HTTP/WWW) was created on a NeXT computer.
  4. Apple purchased NeXT and their NeXTSTEP operating system in 1997, bringing Steve Jobs back to Apple.
  5. NeXTSTEP was eventually morphed into Mac OS X, the next generation of the Macintosh operating system.
  6. Prior to 1997, Apple had several active mobile projects, along with Andy Rubin as an engineer.
  7. Andry Rubin left Apple and founded Android, Inc, which created the Android mobile operating system.
  8. Google purchased Android Inc.
It's interesting to see how a lot of today's technology is rooted in Apple and Steve Jobs' two companies. Microsoft Windows was designed to compete with the original Mac OS. The World Wide Web was born on a NextSTEP computer. Android, hailed as superior to Apple's iOS by Apple haters, was founded by a former Apple employee.
At some point a lot the way, Apple and Steve Jobs has touched and influenced nearly every aspect of high-level technology that we have and enjoy today. We own a big thank you to them for setting all of this in motion. Thanks Steve. You truly are a visionary.
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