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Custom Database Development

Published Jul 9, 2013 08:00am

The Digital Orchard has been providing all-encompassing website design, development, hosting and maintenance services for our clients for many years. We still believe that our all-in-one approach brings tremendous value to our customers, and we will continue to provide these services. However, the landscape for designing and building websites is changing, and we're changing with it. In contrast to when we started, there's now several options available to consumers at lower price points than what we can offer, or even potentially free. It's very difficult to compete with free. We still believe that the value we provide our clients goes well beyond the sticker price on a tool or service used in building and maintaining websites. There's so much under-the-hood infrastructure that we manage for our clients, most of it goes unnoticed by them, so long as their website stays online and serving their business' needs.

From the very start, even before we started offering website services to clients, the core of our business has centered around a platfrom that we've build from scratch over many years. This plaform is at the heart of all of our work and has evolved continuously over its lifetime. We're extremely passionate and proud of the work that we've invested into this platform and the value that it brings to our clients.

Traditionally, websites that are database-driven are built from 2-dimensional databases using a table approach, with each table consisting of rows and columns. Our approach to database design goes beyond those two dimensions, and allows us to build highly-complex databases using a multi-dimensional approach while still allowing us to store the data in traditional table-based databases, as an option.

Going forward, the focus on the Digital Orchard will be two-fold - (1) capitalizing on the tremendous value that are custom platform brings to the world of database design and development, and (2) launching our own internet-based services built on our platform. We'll continue to provide our existing clients with the same level and range of services that they've enjoyed to date, but will no longer be positioning ourselves as an ordinary website development company. Our new focus will be specialized development of custom databases and services accessible via the web.

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