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Very Happy with MongoDB

Published Aug 23, 2014 20:06pm

The Digital Orchard has officially adopted MongoDB as the backend data storage platform for our databases after getting our xAppOS + MongoDB adapter working. I never expected it to outperform our highly-optimized MySQL adapter, but it cleans house!

Today, we ran a LoadImpact test against one website that's using Mongo and is still under active development, and the server easily handled the upwards of 50 virtual users thrown at it, without any increase in load time! Every request was handled in 600ms or less. Very, very impressed! To get a quick, although unfair comparison, we ran a LoadImpact test against a WordPress website running on a cPanel server with no caching in place. That site performed horribly, with requests ranging from 5 seconds to 25 seconds per page; pretty much what we were expecting. It's just nice to see such a drastic difference between the two sites because that validates the tremendous effort and investment that we've made into our software.

In the coming months, we have lots of exciting announcements that will be made as we launch new websites and new online services, and all of these will be powered by MongoDB. We're so happy to have finally made this big step forward in the evolution of our software and platform architectures!

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