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Looking for Rustic Furniture for your Home or Garden?

Published Sep 6, 2015 13:57pm

Visit Pickle Ridge Rustic Carpentry, by Live Edge Design in Duncan BC, maker of well-built rustic indoor and outdoor furniture.

Rustic Bedroom Furniture

The carpenters at Pickle Ridge take great pride in hand-crafting fine rustic furniture that add warmth and charm to any setting. They specialize in furniture with a natural bark finish, have extensive experience in all styles of rustic carpentry, including bent willow, twig mosaic, naturally edged timber slabs, and driftwood.

Pickle Ridge furniture is designed to be affordable and stylish, bringing the beauty and appeal of natural wood products into your home or business. A small company, with six full-time builders having expertise in all aspects of furniture making, Pickle Ridge focuses their personal attention on your particular needs.

The indoor furniture line is constructed mainly from red alder--an ideal wood. Branches of appropriate thickness and shape are put into the on-site kiln on the same day they are cut ensuring good bark adherence and tight joints. Thicker pieces are cut into boards. Western red cedar is used for the outdoor pieces because of its superior longevity when exposed to the elements. They work with other wooods, as well, including hazelnut, maple, arbutus (madrona), oak, willow, dogwood, yew, yellow cedar, fir, pine, and cherry.

The goal of Pickle Ridge is to provide you with beautiful, affordable rustic furniture without compromising comfort, function or durability. Check them out today!


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