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For Us, It's More Than "Just Business"

Published Jun 20, 2014 15:31pm

You've heard the saying "It's Just Business", but for us here at The Digital Orchard, we believe that true success comes from caring about how that business is done, and that takes presedence over everything else.

Earlier this week, one of the companies that we've used for many years to help run our business, Code Spaces, had their business hacked. They lost all data backups and several of their key systems. Even though they were using the highly-respected infrastructure provided by Amazon, they failed in one very important way – by not using a distributed architecture. Essentially, they put all of their eggs into one basket, and when that basket got compromised by a hacker, they lost everything, with no recourse for recovery.

At The Digital Orchard, we've always adhered to a practice of using a distributed architecture for all of our systems, and security of those systems has always been of paramount importance. Even with reliable solutions in place, we are constantly looking for newer and better ways of doing things. We believe that "good enough" is never good enough, not when our business hinges on the success and stability of the solutions that we choose.

Thankfully, because of this proactive mindset, we have been able to switch to a replacement provider with zero downtime. We had a contigency plan in place. The loss of one provider has had zero impact on our ability to provide stabilitiy and reliability for our customers.

If one of your company's systems were compromised, do you have a contigency plan in place? How would such an event affect the operation and reputation of your business? It's a question worth asking. We ask that question because we care.


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