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Creative Writing to Promote Local, Small Businesses on Vancouver Island

Published Aug 21, 2014 14:55pm

The Digital Orchard is launching a new service in October 2014 that is designed to promote small businesses in a unique and creative way – through creative writing. We are currently seeking anyone interested in visiting and writing about small businesses in their own and nearby communities on Vancouver Island. Over time, we will be expanding this service thoughout BC. Each writer will be provided with funds to purchase goods from the small business being written about, and the writer keeps what is purchased, plus will be paid an equivalent amount for writing the story.

If you are interested in creative writing and this opportunity sounds like it would be of interest to you, please contact us to get more details on this project. The budget for this project will be very limited in the beginning, so interested writers should already have another suitable source of income in place. As this project grows and gains traction, the budget will be increased.

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